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What's in a name?


My name is Thomas Ponce and I am the founder of Harley’s Home. The name is dedicated to my recently passed 4 legged brother Harley. He was the most loving cat I have ever encountered. He was calm and peaceful and accepted everyone; cats, dogs Bearded Dragons, Russian Tortoises, guinea pigs, and humans. They were all family in Harley’s eyes and he nurtured and took care of each and every one of them. Everyone was equal in Harley’s eyes and all deserving of love and respect. I chose to name my group after him because of his loving nature and outlook on all living beings. This acceptance and respect is something I hope Harley’s Home will instill in others through education and positive action.


Thomas Ponce
Lobby For Animals & Harley's Home

Harley Ponce

My Inspiration and one of my Best Friends

I Miss You Everyday

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