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The Faces Of Animal Cruelty

Click on the links below to learn more about each issue and then go to and learn how you can help fight to end animal cruelty on a legislative level.  Please be aware that some content on this page may be graphic and not suitable for all ages but it is a true depiction of the cruelty that is going on in the world for animals. By educating ourselves and exposing these truths we can shed the light on the darkness that is animal cruelty and work together to create a world where these horrors do not exist.

Shark Finning
Seal Slaughter
Puppy Mills
Animals in Entertainment
Animals used for Clothing
Marine Animals in Captivity.

Click image to watch A Fall From Freedom

Bloody Fiestas

Take a virtual tour of what the life of a pig is like inside a gestation crate.​

Factory Farming
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