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About Lobby For Animals​

      The mission of Lobby For Animals (LFA) is to reach out to all those who have made a commitment to speak up for animals. We encourage all people from all walks of life to join us in our fight to end animal cruelty one bill at a time. Lobby For Animals is also committed to preserving the rights of citizens, which is why it is so important that we all learn how to effectively address such issues as the Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act and the more recent AG-GAG bills. Amongst other things, this type of legislation is an attempt to extinguish the only voice the animals have, all of us. If more citizens were involved at the legislative level, Acts like this would not just pass quietly in the night, it would have been met with a loud roar of opposition. Other vital issues that LFA advocates for are issues pertaining to our environment. We all share a symbiotic relationship with the planet as well as all its inhabitants. The choices we make every day affect the world we live in. If we don’t protect the Earth than all species will inevitably face the threat of extinction. As citizens, we need to become aware of our rights so we can raise our voices loud to fight for the rights of animals, as well as our own, and the world we all share together.


      By learning to address the issues facing animals, our civil liberties and the environment at the legislative level, we have the opportunity to address bills that are up for consideration before they are passed. Have no doubt, lobbyists from the opposition are there ready to fight to keep the cash flow continuing to their clients pockets, without interruption, and money definitely talks, but if we educate ourselves and demand change it cannot buy our voices or our votes. Lobbyists are there to defend their rights to continue with things like animal experimentation, which is paid for by you the tax payer, the depletion of apex predators from our oceans, which are key players in keeping our marine ecosystem in balance, to the big oil companies, that poison our waters and have killed countless numbers of both land and ocean inhabitants, to the chemicals being incorporated into our foods, to any of the other offenses being done to animals as well as to our environment and in turn to ourselves.


      By coming together and lobbying in numbers we are leveling the playing field and letting our representatives know we are there and willing to fight for what we believe in; protecting the rights of all animals, our civil liberties and our environment. Most people are not aware of the importance of being involved in the legislative process. They are unaware just how easy and productive lobbying can be. Lobby For Animals' goal is to educate people about the need for these issues to be represented in the political arena. Living a vegan lifestyle and attending protests is great, but it’s time to take it to the next level now. Lobby For Animals will give you the tools needed to speak to your representatives with authority to maximize your efforts and demand results. It is so crucial that every citizen be involved in lobbying so that the laws involving animals and our environment ultimately change. We don't have the money that the factory farmer and pharmaceutical companies have, but we do have the numbers, and there is definitely strength in numbers. We need to make our presence known on Capitol Hill and have our voices be heard louder than the opposition. Legislators are there to hear and speak for their constituents, in order for them to do their jobs accurately, and convey the wishes of those they represent, we need to speak up! We need to get active in our pursuit of happiness, our desire to live in a just world, that respects and protects the environment and has compassion for all living beings.


      We have to remember, we are speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves; we are the voice of the voiceless and we need to be heard!


Remember, Don't just Dream of change-Lobby for it!

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