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Learn More About Why We Need To Lobby For Animal Rights

All across the world there are an uncountable number of animals that are subjected to the most horrific cruelty imaginable. Some are cramped in cages too small to allow them to move while others are mutilated and left to die from sickness and disease, others are brutally assassinated and tortured while they are still alive and aware of what's happening to them, while others still are subjected to a life of servitude where they are beaten both physically and emotionally to perform day in and day out for the amusement of others. The list of types of animal cruelty goes on and on.These otrocities are the reason we need to Lobby for their rights. They don't have the voice to speak for themselves so it is our responsibility to speak up for them. Click on the links below to read more about the suffering they are experiencing daily and why it is so important that we Lobby to change the laws pertaining to animal rights.Together we can end this cruelty one bill at a time.​


*Please be aware that there is graphic material included in the following presentations but it is a necessary truth that needs to be realized and should not be hidden behind closed doors.

Shark Finning

I highly recommend you watch the movie Sharkwater by Rob Stewart 

Animals in Entertainment

Compassionworks International (CWI) and Circus are dedicated to raising awareness on the exploitation of animals in entertainment as well as a resource for protest materials.


Visit the American Antivivisection Society, AAVS  website to learn more 

Puppy Mills

Information coming soon.

Bloody Fiestas
Marine Parks

Click to watch A Fall From Freedom and learn about how these animals truly wind up at marine parks. I would also recommend watching the movie Blackfish.

The Fur Industry

Information coming soon.

Animal Agriculture

Click to watch video and learn about where your meat really comes from.

Seal Slaughter
Annual Dolphin Slaughter

Watch the movie The Cove to get a better understanding of the dolphin slaughter that goes on every year in Taiji Japan.

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