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Meet the Founder/President

Animal Rights Attorney, Co-Chair
Thomas Ponce

President and Founder

Animal Rights & Environmental Advocate

Founder Harley's Home

Regional Coordinator Fin Free Florida


This was an essay I wrote when I was in elementary school for a project, but is something that still holds true today.

This is one of my favorite interviews with one of my favorite people, Mr. Gary Smith, The Thinking Vegan. I hope you enjoy it!

This is an interview I did with Fins and Fluke Radio on the detrimental effects that shark finning has on our ecosystem and the importance of individual state bans. It refernces SB540 which was a bill that was introduced as a state ban on shark fins but was amended at committee and now addresses penalties on fins obtained illegally. State bans banning the sale distribution,trade and possession of shark fins and shark fin products are something that I personally support and is something that I will continue to try and work on in future sessions.

In 2013 I received FARM's National Animal Rights Young Activist Award for 2013! An honor that I am extremely proud to have received.


Linked below is the presentation my parents were asked to put together for the committee. I thought I'd share it with you all.

This is just a story I wanted to share about my up close and personal encounter with a shark pup, while visiting Shark Tooth Beach in Venice Beach, Fl. I hope you enjoy it!

This is an interview I did with Emily Moran Barwick from Bite Size Vegan.

This is a video I did for a project at school but felt it was relevant as it expresses some of my outlooks and feelings on things. I hope you enjoy it.

Disrupt Lobbying

This is a short film I was invited to participate in about lobbyists and some of the misconceptions that exist. "Our inept but intrepid reporter, Josh Horowitz, enters the heart of darkness, aka Washington, D.C., planning to expose the corrupt lobbyists perverting our democracy. They exist, but he meets some lobbyists who break the stereotypes"


You can read more about the projects that We The Voters produces at 

This was an interview/awakin call I did with titled "On Behalf of All Living Beings: Speaking Up for Voiceless Creatures"

I was honored to have been asked to contribute an article to the AAVS Magazine for their Perspectives section. My article along with contributions made by fellow advocates can be found on pages 17-18.


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